1980 - 2020. Postmodernism also known as 'postmodern art' or 'contemporary art'. Postmodernism is, by its very nature, impossible to define clearly. What motivates art historical change is not any 'authentic' or 'original' impulse, but simply fashion, the desire for novelty, which is an organic and integrated process. The basic premise behind Postmodernism is that all forms of novelty have already been explored, and that even if that wasn't true the particular emphasis on rejection of that which is old or already done only limits artists self-expression. Seeing as such, Postmodernism is in a sense art's reconcilliation of itself and its past, and Postmodernists typically collect influences from all periods and schools. To put it short: "What's Postmodernism? Answer: Everything's been done already."

Artists and Articles

Fantasy Art

Probably the best collection of fantasy and surreal art images by classic artists of '70s, '80s, and '90s. Psychedelic, visionary and fantasy art of both fantasy and surreal worlds. Fantasy art is an art of depictions of ancient myths and legends, as well as depictions of modern day fantasy in the form of divine interventions and other magical or supernatural forces. These are very common elements, and help distinguish fantasy art from other forms. Fantastic fantasy art worlds are filled with creatures, castles, dungeons, dragons, heroes and beautiful maidens, fairies, gods and monsters, all in a style inspired by classic illustrators.

Sci-Fi Art

Probably the best collection of sci-fi art images by classic artists of '70s, '80s, and '90s. Sci-fi stands for science fiction. Dreams of galaxies, planets and unknown dimensions. Cosmic scenes and planetary landscapes, futuristic realms, spaceships and alien buildings.

Clip Arts Extended Pack

Extend your art collection with this bonus pack for MoodBook! Get more art to excite, inspire and educate! Bring more pictures to your desktop and vary your mood and emotions! The extended clip arts pack is a downloadable package which includes pictures with a look and feel similar to a look and feel of the MoodBook's built-in set of basic clip art. Most pictures are genuinely abstract and look very nice and stylish.

World of Flowers

Discover the striking beauty of flowers with this photo collection. Flowers from all over the world. Wild nature, impressive colors, and a joy forever. Many plants produce highly visible flowers that have a distinctive size, color, or fragrance. Almost everyone is familiar with beautiful flowers such as the blossoms of roses, orchids, and tulips. Flowering plants are more widespread than any other group of plants. They bloom on every continent, from the bogs and marshes of the Arctic tundra to the barren soils of Antarctica. Deserts, grasslands, rainforests, and other biomes display distinctive flower species. Flowers are one of the most meaningful gifts a person can give or receive. Over time, the act of giving flowers developed into its own unique language, with every flower assigned its own special meaning. Flowers have been a symbol of love since ancient times. Consider a new, hi-tech, ultra-modern way of expressing your feelings!



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